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Creepy Crawlies reptile and exotics rescue and education is a San Diego based rescue. We are a no charge rescue that, with the help of a network of other rescues, fosters and vets, works towards making sure that reptiles and other exotic pets are healthy, happy and find a good forever home. We do not buy, sell, trade, breed or otherwise make money off of any animal that we take in or re-home. We specialize in larger, more aggressive species, such as monitor lizards, iguanas, boas and pythons. We do take in smaller species of reptiles and amphibians as well, of course.  We even take in certain mammalian species as well. We will only refuse an animal if we do not have the room to care for it at that time. If an animal must be refused, we will try and locate a rescue who has the room for it and can care for it properly. Many of the animals that we take in are used as educational animals and are kept for the life of the animal, Unless a perfect home is found for it. I have even re-homed some of my very loved animals, when the situation gave that animal and even better life than here.

Rounding out the most commonly available species, we have the soft-shelled turtles from North America. There are three main species: the spiny soft-shelled, the smooth soft-shelled and the Florida soft-shelled. All reside natively and are found mostly throughout the eastern and central United States.

The common snapping turtle (Chelydra serpentina) and alligator snapping turtle (Macrochelys temminckii) are the only two extant members of the family Chelydridae, which is confined to North America, as well as Mexico.
how the animals are treated                                                
All animals taken in to our rescue are given a lot of attention and are never re-homed before they are healthy and ready to go to their new homes. Unfortunately there are many cases in which animals have been so poorly treated, or have never been socialized with humans, that they are highly aggressive and may never be trusting of a new owner. Moving an animal like this from home to home can make the animal very stressed and un-trusting, adding to the aggression issue. Any animal with high aggression issues is either kept here till they are tamed, stays here for life, or, if a suitable home is found that understands the unique care and treatment needed for that animal, it is re-homed.
As you can see, we are very hands on with out animals, even the not so friendly ones.
Proper diet, lighting, housing and medical care are very important for all animals to grow up and be healthy. All animals taken in are fed the correct diet, given plenty of natural sunlight in the large outdoor enclosures and are soaked as well as exercised on a regular basis. All animals are are given proper care if they are sick or injured. Most animals are handled and given a chance to get used to being with people, as often as possible and made as used to human beings as they will tolerate. Many of the animals taken in are given free roam of the premises at least one day a week and are allowed to sleep with me on occasion. Being able to roam and be with people on their own terms, is a great way for larger lizards and even snakes to get to trust humans and not always see us as a threat or a predator.
We work with many different types of animals. Though we take in more reptiles than any other type, we also get to work with birds, small mammals, dogs, cats, and some types of farm animals. Below are a few of the animals that have come through here.

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